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Light L16: Everything you need to know about the 16-lens camera

A smartphone with a unmarried camera is not deemed Instagram-worthy, and secondary camera preparations are actually common. Heck, there’s even a triple-camera smartphone rumoured to be on the manner from Huawei, however what if 3 cameras weren’t sufficient to fulfill the prolific web blogger?

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Well, Light’s newest L16 camera provides precisely that: with a grand overall of 16 cameras and the capability to seize 52-megapixel stills. Trypophobics glance away: right here’s completely the whole lot you need to know about the Light L16, together with UK liberate date, value, specs and extra.

Light L16: Everything you need to know

Light L16 UK value: How a lot does it price?

Let’s get the maximum a very powerful bit out of the manner first: the Light L16 ain’t affordable. That’s to be anticipated of a tool with 16 camera lenses strapped to it, however the L16’s £1,850 asking value truly takes the biscuit.

To put that value into an absurd context, you can purchase 16 Moto G5 smartphones and glue all of them to a slab of balsa picket at that value. Although, after all, the image you’d take with that monstrosity virtually undoubtedly wouldn’t make it to your Instagram profile.

Still, if you purchase the Light L16 ahead of the finish of March, you’ll handiest have to pay £1,295 – that’s 30% off. Bargain.

Light L16 UK liberate date: When will it release?

The Light L16 is to be had now and will also be bought at once from the reputable Light web site. To reiterate what I mentioned above, you get 30% off your acquire if you purchase one ahead of 31 March.

Light L16: Design, options and primary impressions

The L16 is about the measurement of a small transistor radio. It weighs 435g and its – virtually pocketable – brick-like sort element is significantly much less awkward than the DSLRs it needs to exchange. It has a rubber grip on the facet and a 5in touchscreen on the rear, and you take photos with it identical to you would a standard smartphone.

Behind the scenes, the L16 runs Android and is powered by means of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, with 256GB of onboard garage. It additionally has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and a four,120mAh battery that lasts 8 hours on a unmarried price.

It may appear to be a corpulent smartphone, however the L16 is not anything of the kind. Its association of 16 13-megapixel cameras produces 52-megapixel nonetheless pictures, which give an an identical of 5x optical zoom unfold throughout 3 focal lengths: 28mm, 70mm and 150mm. You too can alter the intensity of box to your pictures after taking the image.

Light L16: How does it paintings?

That all sounds very spectacular, however how does the Light L16’s camera array paintings? As quickly as you press the shutter button, the camera takes ten, 13-megapixel photos in fast succession. The pictures are then stitched in combination, covering them on most sensible of one another to create a 52-megapixel symbol. This procedure is helping to stay visible noise at bay and will increase dynamic vary.

The camera can shoot in automated mode or totally handbook, with focal point completed by means of tapping the topic on the display screen or just urgent the shutter button. There’s no aperture precedence, even though the camera is ready to run from 100 to 3200 ISO sensitivity ranges.

Because there’s such a lot knowledge to care for, the camera itself is not able to sew all of the pictures in combination. You need to plug the L16 into your PC or pc to do that, with all the symbol knowledge transferred into Light’s personal device utility, Lumen, in a specialized LRI layout.

Once you’ve plugged it in and transferred the symbol knowledge throughout, your PC will then merge your photographs into one and you can alter the intensity of box of the symbol. Your image will then be exported in DNG layout for post-processing in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Light L16: Early verdict

Light’s new L16 camera, in spite of its bug-eyed look, is an attractive building in small-form-factor camera generation. It will not be easiest – early opinions recommend deficient depth-mapping and slow autofocus amongst different flaws – however its fancy tech presentations promise, and may pioneer the long term of smartphone images.

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