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More Trains Might Mean the End of the Rail Timetable

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The boss of Network Rail has had an concept: no person can whinge about trains now not holding to timetables if there are not any timetables. At least, that is what would possibly be at the back of his bonkers advice that teach timetables may just quickly be a factor of the previous, because of… extra trains.

Sir Peter Hendy thinks that inside 10 years trains working on huge chunks of the community will come what may grow to be so magically common that we would possibly not want a timetable to determine when to go back and forth on some strains any further, as travellers will merely get on the subsequent teach that comes alongside. Like they do on the Underground and buses.

The truth is, he says, that services and products do not ceaselessly mirror their timetables anyway, with Hendy explaining: “For a growing and substantial number of passengers, average passenger wait is far more important than how close the trains are to a predetermined timetable that doesn’t take into account the daily conditions such as weather and passenger volumes.”

Perhaps he is fascinated about how a lot more cash folks will spend in the retail outlets on baguettes and coffees, once they realise it is 47 mins for the subsequent one. [The Times]

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